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Experience a timeless blend of comfort and style with our Premium Woven NATO straps, thoughtfully crafted for everyday wear. Made from soft yet resilient nylon, these straps provide an unparalleled comfort that adapts seamlessly to daily demands, ensuring that it’s not just another watch strap but a daily companion for your wrist.

Our collection boasts an expansive color palette, allowing you to switch, mix, and match to reflect your personal style. From vibrant hues to classic shades, there’s a Woven NATO strap color tailored for every watch enthusiast.

Beyond aesthetics, the meticulous design ensures longevity. The brushed hardware not only adds a touch of refined elegance but is also engineered to stand the test of time, complementing the nylon’s inherent durability.

Dive into our range and discover the unique blend of tactile comfort, diverse color options, and lasting build quality that sets our Woven NATO straps apart. Perfect for those seeking both function and form in their watch accessories.

Length: 280mm (Fully extended & Without Buckle)

Colour: Red & Khaki

Material: Premium Cross-Woven Nylon

Buckle: Stainless Steel Brushed

Thickness: 1.2mm

Spring bars: Included with purchase

* Spring removal tool offered for free & Free shipping in the US on all orders

What size to order? Check out our size guide.

Single Pass Premium Woven NATO Strap – Red & Khaki – Adjustable

USD $ 22.99

Mix & Match with your watch by getting multiple colors!!

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